We wanted to build a fun and immersive game using ARKit that would encourage users to 'get a move on' - in this case, running away from zombies that chase you!

What it does

It uses positional tracking and health kit to populate your surrounding with zombies that chase you down. You need to run away from them to survive. If they reach you and attack, the game ends.

How we built it

ZombieRun was built using Unity for iOS with ARKit and HealthKit.

Challenges we ran into

Plane detection, 3D modeling and animation, interfacing with HealthKit through Unity, and maintaining positional tracking when running with ARKit were a few of the challenges we ran into.

What's next for zombierun

  • Adding more gameplay elements, like waypoints, rewards, and items in the game
  • Adding multiplayer and leaderboards - ie, who can run the longest/furthest among your friends

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