Interactive Android Game around the idea of zombie survival. Game field can be any location based on GPS coordinates. Using GPS to trigger events by a single point being located within anothers radius to set infection or item pickups. The main game will be within a radius around a central GPS coordinate position. As the game progresses this radius will slowly decrease forcing humans and zombies closer together.

Game Players

Humans - Objective is to survive the whole duration of the game.

Zombie - Objective is to infect every human player.

Triggering Events

Each player will have a given "Trigger Radius" around them. This allows for infecting other players, weapon pickups, and further ideas to come.

Trigger Radius

By default humans will have no radius around them as they cannot fight back against zombies barehanded. Human are able to pickup weapons by going to Weapon Locations shown on the map which are randomly placed and must stand around the area for a set amount of time. This same concept is applied to human vs zombie interactions. A human within a zombies "Trigger Radius" can become infected if they are within the area for a set duration of time.

API Usage

  • Arcgis API
  • Android SDK (Further if needed)

This Project Will Be Continously Worked On

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