This Game Was Inspired by World War Z.Its was really good game with really good graphics.So i decided to make one of my own using Unreal Engine 4.

What it does

Just the cool zombie game.Download the Files to try it on your Unreal Engine.

How I built it

I built it using Unreal Engine 4.Used Maya and Adobe Mixamo for models and animations.I haved some game assets from unreal engine marketplace so it maked my work to find 3D models and Foliages like tress and grasses really easy

Challenges I ran into

I have really low spec PC powered by AMD Ryzen 1200 and AMD Radeon RX570 with GB ram.Cause of it my PC Freezes a lot.During making of this my PC Freeze a lot of time.CPU,GPU and RAM usage was always on 100%.Due to low processing power of my PC I wasn't able to package it to .exe .So i barely managed to make it somewhat working and make something with good graphics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to make some good game with graphics somehow.

What I learned

To How to use Blueprints and make somewhat animation in Unreal Engine.I learned to unleash unreal engines power according to my PC's capability

What's next for Zombie Survival FPS Game

Game is still in development and more levels will be added soon.I worked a lot on it and still keep updating it.Zombie Hordes with Scary Zombie will be coming soon.

Download Links of the source Files with Assets

1. 2. 3. 4.


If any difficulties in using the source files or assets or wanna work on the development of this game together then let me know on my discord-cyrixninja#0157

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