Zombie Gunner


Kelley: "5 star zombie shooter...quick to play when you have a spare minute."


In this Gear VR game you choose a level, character, and weapon then go and kill zombies. Survive wave after wave to be crowned the king! Requires Bluetooth Controller


  • 22 playable characters! Including Biohazard Man, Farmer's Daughter, and Road Worker!
  • 18 weapons! Including Nail Gun and Water Gun!
  • 2 playable levels - Motel Parking Lot and Death Arena!


After my last game being more story driven I wanted to create something that you could just hop in and have a few minutes of fun.

What's Next

If all goes well Zombie Gunner will be finished and published to the Oculus store and Google Play store. And more levels, powerups, online leaderboards, and zombie player!

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