Zombie Forest is a horror survival game built in Virtual Reality. Horror games are one of the most favored types of game in Virtual Reality since implementing VR makes the games much more immersive and exciting. Compared to traditional horror game viewed on the 2D screen, horror games gains the most from the immersive experience generated by VR. Besides, implementing VR in a survival game is also a great fit. Imagine you are running in the dark, unknown forest, hungry and exhausted, with lots of zombies catching you from your back. What makes it worse, more and more zombies are coming from your forward and you do not know when and where are will come from. This will definitely be one of your most memorable experience in your gaming life (maybe the most enjoyable for those enjoy horror games and the most "horrible" for those who freak out).

What it does

These are the functionalities we developed these days and nights:

  • Well-implemented in VR with very real effects (sound, picture, models etc).
  • All User Interface, Characters and Scene well-designed and well-furbished.
  • Generates zombies all the time to make the game harder and harder
  • All zombies tend to gather and catch you
  • Zombies will follow you and catch you automatically
  • There are foods in the forest to give you more health

How we built it

We built it using Unity, Oculus Rift dk2 and we code everything in C#. We started from sketch, using only some assets in the asset store in Unity and then proceeded into developing more interactive effects such as first person moving and zombie models. Then we followed up with more details and functionalities to make the game more interesting. Here we added foods, more intelligent zombies and zombie auto generating. Then we followed up by refining the details: sound effects, good-looking models and hungry. Finally, we tested and retested everything and solved most of the bugs.

Challenges we ran into

  • Had weird bugs in generating sound effects in Unity.
  • None of us brought a good enough computer to test Virtual Reality. (So we wasted time waiting for the computer to launch VR).
  • UI in VR does not show up because of different generations of Oculus Rift.
  • UI in VR always covered by the terrain.
  • Lots of outdated documented online.
  • Adjusting the first person keyboard operations in VR.
  • Producing "beautiful" zombies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our creative idea: Playing this game in VR can not be a better choice.
  • Actually managed to build a VR game in 36 hours with enough playfulness and challenges.
  • Solved lots of detailed problems to make the game exactly as we designed.
  • The multi-functionality of our game.
  • Well designed zombies.
  • Each of us learned a lot of things.
  • The passions and great collaborations our team put into the project and into VR.

What we learned

  • More expertise / Introduced to Unity and 3D game design, C# and Oculus Rift.
  • Working together as a team under a lot of pressure facing a lot challenge.
  • How to keep a "fixed it" attitude when things does not work.

What's next for Zombie Forest

Zombie Forest has a lot of potentials, Zombie Forest will be the best if we had:

  • Directly Interactive UI in Virtual Reality
  • More creative functionalities in our game such as a weapons to fight zombies.
  • Tell a story
  • Implement Difficult Level
  • Choose different environments
  • Create more lively map with more interactive elements
  • Optimization of our code

Considering the size of our project, none of the online repositories with demo will be able to save our project but the best way for us to show it is to present it!

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