We wanted to create an rDAI-powered open source funding dApp that conjured the numinous and encouraged touting one's support for open source projects.

What it does

The Altar of rDAI provides an immersive and spooky UX experience designed to encourage putting idle DAI to work as productive rDAI. The Altar calculates the estimated amount of annual rDAI interest that would be generated at the current Compound lending APR, and allows users to select four projects - each of which was created at or is represented at ETHWaterloo - that are worthy of receiving that interest. The Altar also provides a way to virtue signal on Twitter by touting one's generosity in a visually compelling way.

How we built it

React, Javascript, Tribute.js, RToken.sol, CSS,

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't integrate with the Twitter API to make an easy image share function as we had hoped due to Twitter's non-response to our API requests. Our ambitious illustration and animation dreams had to be curtailed for time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Gathering details about a number of other ETHWaterloo hacks and building the functionality to support them with rDAI interest. Showing off the potential of rDAI! Not accidentally summoning some Lovecraftian horror to wreak untold abominations upon the Earth

What we learned

ETHWaterloo hackers, organizers, attendees and volunteers are just wonderful.

What's next for The Altar of rDAI

A merger with Cthullu, consumption of souls, you know, whatevs.

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