UI design is a tedious task and has to be done with expertise. It always has been a time consuming task, in any web development assignment, that we have taken up. And hence, to automate UI design was always on our minds.

When we learnt ReactJS, we felt that component based UI architecture is perfect to undertake this ambitious task of making Artificial Intelligence work for us and create UI as per our needs, with minimal efforts.

Hence, we present Zola, a chat bot based AI driven Framework for rapid UI Design, entirely configurable by Developers themselves.

Zola - means Mother Earth. Just like Mother Earth creates and nurtures her children, our AI Zola creates and nurtures the various web pages with content at its core.

What it does

Zola is basically a framework, where in Developers can create their ReactJS based UI components. Then, Zola presents a Chat Bot based interface to learn from developer what he needs, and then creates the Web Pages accordingly.


  • An Intelligent Framework - Zola is a AI driven Framework for rapid UI Design, entirely configurable by Developers themselves
  • Component based UI Design – Powered by React - Zola allows UI/UX Developers to create any number of React Components & CSS Themes and configure in the Framework and use them to build web pages
  • Chat Bot based Interface – Powered by DialogFlow - Zola provides an Intuitive Interface through a Chat based Interaction, which walks you through Web Page Development.
  • Code Free UI Design - Coding knowledge is not mandatory! Even UI/UX Designers can themselves create the webpages through the Intelligent Interface
  • Integrated Facebook Login - To authenticate Users and build a user community for Zola

How we built it

Zola is a Web Application, hosted on a NodeJS backend server. On the UI, it renders the ReactJS based components based on the user inputs.

User Inputs are collected through a chat bot based interface, which is powered by Machine Learning algorithms, courtesy DialogFlow.

Current UI Theme is via Creative Tim. New UI themes can easily be added in the framework.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learnt ReactJS and implement the component based UI into an intuitive interface to build UI through artificial intelligence.

What's next for Zola

Currently, Zola supports few Page elements, enough to build a decent web page. We would like to extend the framework by implementing more components, CSS styling and typography for users to choose from.

Also, would like to provide an interface for Users, to implement their own ReactJS components, and leverage these UI components to build better websites.

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