Health is an important aspect of all of our lives. In the modern age, health often takes the backseat due to high stress levels accompanied by our urban lifestyle. It is no secret that the world is getting hotter and pollution isn't getting any better, but your health shouldn't be compromised. We built ZOI to provide automatically generated recommendations to ensure healthy living in the city.

ΖΩΗ, pronounced ZOI, stands for "Life" in Greek, and we found it to be a fitting name for an application that aims to supplement users' lives in such a way.

What it does

ZOI checks UVI readings and PSI levels in Singapore (provided by NEA) and presents the gathered information in an intuitive layout to provide recommendations powered by machine learning. The program also connects to an LED display and motion sensor attached to an Arduino microcontroller. It can act as a heads-up display that displays the same information as a user approaches the screen.

How we built it

Built from scratch on Python with a Tkinter module, ZOI integrates machine learning to provide coherent information and recommendations to users.

Challenges we ran into

ZOI was initially planned to be an Android app, developed using Java in Android Studio - however, there were inevitable bugs and unexpected crashes. Hence we migrated to a pleasantly familiar platform to provide an optimal solution on our part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working on the data analysis along with the integration APIs was taxing however well worth it. Other than that, ZOI required us to do a lot of learning in terms of new features to try out and different layouts.

What we learned

We learned to stick with what's familiar to us in a competition that's testing our skills and knowledge. We were able to build on top of our pre-existing knowledge and deliver a stronger solution in that way.

What's next for ZOI

We're planning on integrating ZOI into pre-existing programs such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri as these are softwares already loved by users from the world over. With the convenience of such virtual assistants, the data presented by ZOI will be able to reach more users and impact their lives positively.

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