We were tired of the generic location based social discovery apps. So, we decided to use romance theories that date back to ancient Rome in order to make matches in the same way it's been done since the first century B.C.

What it does

This app will connect you to people ranked as most compatible with you, based on daily horoscopes. This will streamline your dating process by creating matches quite literally "written in the stars." The users are then able to "Send a Shooting Star" to another user to get their attention, and then chat with them.

How we built it

We started from scratch using a single-view app template in Xcode. Coding in Swift, we used the story board to create the different parts of the app that the user would be interacting with. We also used Parse to store backend data from the User and create a login page.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using Parse, and our first time seriously coding an app in Xcode while using Swift. There was a good bit of "Google-Fu" done for each individual aspect of the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using Parse to interact with the iOS app to create user profiles and store their data, also the login and new user process. We are proud of where we were able to get with first time mobile app development and he basic framework we were able to churn out.

What we learned

We learned many of the Xcode basics in auto-layout, UIToolkit, Parse, and Swift. We also learned the importance of task delegation to team members, as well as the difficulties of co-development across different machines with different developers.

What's next for Zodiac

We plan to extend user features, including the addition of personalized horoscopes, fully functioning messenger app, improved matching algorithm, location services, and user security. Eventually, we hope to post the final app to the app store and have it available for the general public.

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