The future is heading towards the conversational commerce. The shoppers are exploring the products in a more natural way. There is definitely a need for a smart shopping assistant which understands the shoppers so we came up with Zobot.

What it does

Zobot is a product discovery engine which understands the shopper queries written in natural language.

How we built it

  • Facebook messenger platform (node.js)
  • NLP Engine (build using java)
  • NLP Indexing & Search technologies by Klevu

Challenges we ran into

  • Conversational interface
  • Understanding the natural queries (NLP engine)

Accomplishments that We are proud of

  • The first version of Zobot :)

What we learned

  • Utilizing the existing resources to build something out of the box.

What's next for Zobot

  • Next level of NLP
  • Considering shopper's personal information to enhancing the shopping experience
  • Next level conversational interface
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