ZNERGY is a rich web based application, developed as part of the Department of Energy's Apps for Energy challenge. The application allows consumers to estimate their own energy consumption, analyze and compare it against their Green Button Data, without the need for monitoring tools.

ZNERGY provides the following features: • Simple & Intuitive User Interface. • Ability to upload individual Green Button Data or use sample dataset. • Comprehensive household categories and appliances. • Customizable appliance wattage. • Usage tracking based on separate weekday/weekend time of use with rate information. • Auto calculation of weekday, weekend, weekly and monthly usage and cost. • Auto persistence of usage information across multiple sessions. • Summary dashboard of your weekday, weekend and weekly consumption (usage/cost) compared to the Green Button Data, Category and Time of Use breakdown. • Comparison of planned usage with Green Button Data, with the ability to zoom in/out of datasets. • Comprehensive Category based reporting with Top Appliance list based on usage/cost with specific tips and ideas, with the ability to zoom in/out of datasets. • Comprehensive Time of Use based reporting (Weekday/Weekend) for both usage and cost overlaid with rate information to identify appliances that have consumption cost and/or usage. • Tips/Ideas to efficient energy consumption. • Rate information for both weekday and weekend consumption. • Detailed application help. • Flexibility to change/upload your Green Button Data.

The application requires a modern web browser with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player plugin.


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