Working from home has been hard - class timings, TA office hours are not fixed as they used to. Educators keep emailing students about change in time and also change zoom links. What does this entail ? A growing pile of emails, meaning a difficult place for you to find that zoom link right before that meeting or to even catch that reschedule notification at times!

What it does

Act as a centralized repository for all zoom meeting links per class which includes lectures, TA rooms, office hours, discussions and even student informal study rooms.

If they change a link or timing, its easy to join that meeting or track that change from zmate

Go ahead bring your entire class to zmate and let them join the class from there!

Build your own extensions

(Extensive API support)[] with documentation to support existing educations resource management software such as compass, moodle etc.

How I built it

Ruby on Rails <3

Challenges I ran into

Authenticating users

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Continuous integration, continous development and 77 commits made to front end and backend.


Support for screen readers, eye trackers and large text

What I learned

Many of us were new to Ruby on Rails

What's next for Zmate

Integrate front end with more api end points and reach out to educators to get them on board our platform ;)

For the impatient

If you don’t want to register and simply sign in use the previously registered account: password But really its easy to register!

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