The major problem with DataDao is that you cannot tailor it to meet the demands of off-chain restrictions, because what's the meaning of on-chain data dao if we need to broadcast their off-chain identity first ! That's when it hit me "ZKP" is the ultimate solution to protect the anonymity of data contributors as well as ease of verifiability for DAO operators. So that's the story behind ZK-DataDao.

What it does

A Data DAO where the dao operator creates the DAO with ZK entry restrictions and multiple contributors can contribute after proving that they are eligible to contribute using ZK-SNARK. After they contribute more than the minimum contributions ( set by the DAO operator ) they will be eligible to get a share of the pool reward after DAO is closed.

How we built it

  • Every file upload i.e. ( format of contribution, actual contribution ) is done using DealClient.sol contract which utilizes Filecoin.sol and zondax actors.
  • ZKP is done using ZK-SNARK protocol using libraries zokrates, circom, snarkjs
  • Contract integration and wallet client is implemented using Wagmi and viem
  • For database tableland is used

Challenges we ran into

  • Vercel Deployment: As ZK proof uses generated files, deployment of vercel couldn't be possible. Could've done it if time permitted but the submission was closing in.
  • Learning about ZK development and ZK SNARK was a challenge but at the end everything worked out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing ZKP with FVM

What we learned

Never used SQL while developing Dapps so that was new 😅

What's next for ZK-DataDao

Adding support for more ZK barriers for dao operator to choose from.

Built With

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