In the last few years more than a billion dollars were stolen from smart contracts (you can see a list of the biggest hacks in Rekt News). Classic bug bounty (like Immunefi) have a solution to this problem - hacker will have economic incentive to report vulnerability (for reward). But it's not very effective because hacker has risk that project or escrow will say "it's a not real vulnerability". That means that hacker will most probably use such vulnerability next time, instead of reporting it.

We propose to write system, where hacker can prove formally and mathematically that he found a bug.


State Transition Proof

All business logic of user function (for example function transferin some pseudoERC20 Token ) will be implemented as ZK circuit. For example, if user Alice wants to send money to user Bob - Alice will generate zk proof, which will change state of full system from state0 to state1. This proof we will call State Transition Proof

Hack Proof

Imagine that some hacker has found vulnerability. He gets historical state of the system stateX and applies to it some correct state transitions (for example, transfers: Alice sends money to Bob and Bob sends money to Carrel). He then can prove this state transition using the same circuit, which called State Transition Proof as is done by regular users Alice and Bob. In case result of this manipulation goes to incorrectState: for example money supply was increased - he can easelly prove it using zk. Criteria and rules for incorrectState should be provided by developers of system and should be part of the Hack Proof. Also public input Hack Proof should be encrypted by contract owner's public key. That means that only contract owner will understand where is the problem

Smart contract

We have 2 main smart contract functions

  • businessLogic function for user to work with our pseudoERC20 Token. Inside businessLogic we have proof verification State Transition Proof which user will use for transfering money
  • proofOfHack function which give you all bounty eth if you provide correct Hack Proof. This function will push red button and stop smart contract untill owner will recover it.

We have few Secondary Functions:

  • depositForBounty
  • upgradeStateTransitionVerifier, upgradeHackVerifier - upgradability function for providing new version of zk circiuts
  • recover - restart smart contract after upgrade

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