Travel is a necessity that we cannot do without, and traffic is the consistent hurdle we face. Ziyou aims to work towards solving the travel woes of tourists and locals across the Hsuehshan Tunnel. Ziyou helps users to find out current weather/traffic congestion in and around the tunnel area so that you can plan your travel accordingly. With the intention of reducing traffic, the app also allows users to pool rides when travelling between places that use the tunnel. A passenger can put up their vehicle for sharing, as well as pick a ride from any of the available shares. Pairing multiple passengers together keeps the travel costs lower and helps reduce the traffic pileups in the tunnel . Use Ziyou and join people to make their commute an easy and time efficient one!

What it does


The one stop pit that displays real time notifications regarding traffic congestion in the tunnel and rides that you may be interested if you are commuting. If you’ve posted a ride, the dashboard lists users who are open to pooling your ride, along with their contact information. If you’ve asked for a share, it lists other users who’ve accepted or rejected your request to share their ride.

Find a ride

Find a ride lists out all active rides posted by other users. Find the best ride you can hop on to from source, destination, number of vacant seats and the expected departure time info about all active rides.

Post a ride

Post a ride lets you post a ride when you are open to sharing seats. The user is required to enter the source, destination, date/time, number of vacant seats available and the route of the journey.

Time suggest

You know your destination. But when would be a good time to start the journey? The Time Suggester presents you with a departure time for your preferred travel date by analyzing current/past weather and traffic data in addition to the current requests thus optimizing your travel time through the tunnel.

Route picker

Route picker analyzes the current traffic in the tunnel, compares them with historical data and tells you whether it\'s recommended to take the freeway and if not, suggests a quicker, safer route to get you where you need to be.

How I built it

Used parse as backend for ride share service , performs real time analysis on the traffic and weather data to perform time suggest and route suggest to notify users

Challenges I ran into

Parsing and analyzing real time traffic and weather data in the backend

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The entire app including the app and the backend logic was coded in 3 days .

What's next for Ziyou

Need to work on bug fixes / improvements based on real user suggestions from play store

Built With

  • parse
  • autocomplete
  • butterknife
  • picassso
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