Have you ever wondered where you could find that new colleague at the office but you didn't know where he is? Or did you need to pass some documents to multiple employees spread across multiple floors or even buildings but didn't know how to find them faster and finish this task quicker?

This is how our app was born! Plus the need to be better organized and more efficient in a fast growing company is something that motivated us.

What it does

Based on a map you upload as a picture, it allows you and your employees to search for: -> co-workers -> people working on a certain project -> employees belonging to a company department -> custom queries

Our web app also facilitates the process of changing work desks in our company.

How I built it

We thought of having a single homepage where you could find the map with all the desks already added. There is also an admin page where someone from Operations or from HR could add new desks or assign new colleagues to them.

As a technical point of view, it was build on Symfony 3 with the implementation of Symfony 4; we also used Backbone.js for some of our frontend tasks and a custom jQuery plugin called mapplic that helped us with the implementation.

Challenges I ran into

For some of us it was a new thing to use the new Symfony 3 framework. We definitely got our heads around it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was also a challenge to create small pieces of functionalities and, in the end, link them all up and discover that it's actually working (minor tweaks involved). So this is a definite plus for our team :)

Major plus: getting all the info we need from AD (LDAP), Redmine and MakeItSoftware.

What I learned

We found a way to use a plugin and customize it to fit our needs. Plus, the Symfony framework tasks were also a great lesson learnt. Don't forget about AD, Redmine and MakeItSoftware.

What's next for ZitecHQ

Integrations, integrations, integrations! We wanted to link our app, the Skills tracking app, ZiBot and ASQ. This is definitely going to land on our todo list soon.

Dynamically adding the office desks from admin. Improving and customizing the Front-end. Mobile version. Integration with Google calendar and show meeting rooms availability.

Testing steps:

Admin: Add a new employee in the zitec office

  1. Go to
  2. Expand Office settings
  3. Select the Office option
  4. Select one of the floor at which the new employee will be installed (for example: etaj 5)
  5. Fill in the employee name
  6. Add new desk
  7. Move the pin on the map corresponding to the position of his office
  8. Update the changes.

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