We got inspired by talking to Zitcom staff about optimizing their growing work environment with automation. We were inspired by Cal Newport to connect ZitCom’s need for efficiency in the workplace with the personal impact that engaging in deep work can have.

What it does

Zitcom’s Stay focused is a product designed for workers who wants to improve their deep focus skills at work. Worker’s can choose when to engage with deep work from a website from their desktop.

Users’ current status is displayed on a Raspberry Pi at each worker’s desk. If a worker is engaged in deep work, colleagues can see a progress bar indicating when they should come back without disturbing.

How we built it

To ensure a clear vision, we spent a lot time doing research about the Zitcom environment and problems their employees are experiencing in their workspace. We were inspired by Cal Newport’s Deep Work concept to find opportunities to automate and make the office more productive by improving the workers deep work skills.

Our design process included brainstorming, information architecture, personas, user stories, site maps, and high fidelity mockups to explore the full infrastructure of the product

Our development process meant building 3 main components: server backend, Raspberry Pi frontend, website frontend.

Challenges we ran into

During the process, we all worked with new languages, learnt new coding, design and hardware skills. We even 3D printed! Everybody stepped out of their comfort zone, the hardware used is an example of this, as we had never worked with Raspberry Pi before.

We had some 3D printer issues and could not finish printing the Raspberry Pi cover, but we used our creativity and finished the cover out of cardboard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the concept and the work we have done during this event. We have managed to set up the Raspberry Pi screen to indicate the status of the worker. We also have some basic features working on the website.

We managed to design and code screens for both desktop and Raspberry Pi 3 devices and spent a lot of time thinking about the user experience. We discussed our potential users and thought about how they might navigate through our product in their everyday life.

We’re proud that we all managed to learn new skills and we found creative solutions for our problems. Finally, we worked really well together, even though most of us were strangers before this event.

What we learned

Working collaboratively with people with different skillsets can make for an amazing hackathon experience! We all stepped out of our comfort zones and learnt new skills from from one another, from design, code to hardware.

What's next for Zitcom's Stay focused.

We are really proud of the idea and we would love to use a solution like this ourselves at work or future Hackathons to stay focused in our deep work.

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posted an update

I worked on the UX design of the project: brainstorming, Information Architecture, Site Mapping, Application concept, and wrote front-end code for the application with React. My first time programming with React and working with Raspberry Pi.

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