It was a killer party... And perhaps you had just a little bit too much to drink. You wake up in the hammock, and quickly find out that your colleagues locked you in. Further more, they considered it funny to hide the key, and submit you to an ordeal of numerous puzzles to escape.

Will you make it?

What it does

It is an online escape room game. It is a point and click type of game, with puzzles that need solving.

How we built it

We used real pictures of the zitec HQ. We have an integration with google docs, reading the data directly from a google spreadsheet. The project is programmed using Vue.js framework.

Challenges we ran into

A shitload of data to input (at the moment of this post there were 800 lines in the excel document linking the 300 photos, and defining interractible areas and objects)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We like how it turned out...

What we learned

How to work with Vue.JS

What's next for Ziscape

This can be transformed into a framework, for creating similar escape rooms. This could be used in schools around the world to teach kids about algorithmic thinking, as they try to implement their own game.

DEMO + testing steps/walkthrough

Built With

  • vue.js
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