IRC is cool, and loads of cool people live on IRC! However, sometime the technical barrier can be somewhat daunting, often off-putting people. We decided to create a hack that aims to bridge the gap between normal people and the very much abnormal subset of people that use IRC!

What it does

You can send messages to IRC channels via SMS. You can even change your nick and switch server + chan!

How we built it

Node js backend that forms a link between the world of IRC and the MessageBird API. Also uses MongoDB somewhere in there for persistence.

Challenges we ran into

IRC is really awkward about... Pretty much everything. Also sending SMS is expensive, and £5 free credit barely cuts it!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a hack that uses IRC and lived to tell the tale!

What we learned

Freenode is very picky about nick conventions.

What's next for Zircon

Pretty much. But really, who knows. We'll complete the feature set and maybe add a plugins system.

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We got featured on DevPost

Well that was unexpected. Thanks to the team at DevPost for thinking our hack was cool! Maybe we will continue to develop it, and pester MessageBird for our API keys back (they took away our phone number)!!

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