University students have many fixed and variable costs which can accumulate up to thousands of dollars per month; adding expensive rides such as Uber or Lyft only enhances this pricey sum. Unfortunately, this disheartens many students from visiting their families and friends over weekends or even during breaks of shorter lengths. To solve this problem, Team Aurora developed ZipRider.

What it does

ZipRider is a native iOS app geared towards college students which assimilates various processes of the transportation sector. The user can safely choose to drive another student to their desired destination, pick up items which need to be delivered, or find a ride to another university, all for a variable price set by the driver. These competitive prices are catered towards college students and relieves such cost pressures, allowing students to have a better quality of life as they get to spend more quality time with their loved ones, away from all the stress that they encounter during their university stay.

How we built it

The development process of the app included React Native to generate the front end and Fire Base, Fire Store, and noSQL for the back end. Numerous external UI design component libraries, such as React Native Paper, React Native Elements, and Galio Framework.

Challenges we ran into

There were numerous occasions which hindered the development of ZipRider. At 1 AM, we ran into issues on GitHub while merging. Unfortunately, the time we spent throughout the day on development had been scrapped. We solved this problem by restarting and restructuring the model of the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing a fully functioning app in three hours. We were able to successfully come back after our disastrous merge.

What we learned

As a team that qualifies for the Beginner Hack (2 first time members), we learned to use firebase and develop an aesthetic UI.

What's next for ZipRider

We hope to explore more local features and to further expand and enhance the app.

Built With

  • and-nosql-for-the-back-end.-numerous-external-ui-design-component-libraries
  • fire-store
  • javascript
  • react-native
  • react-native-elements
  • such-as-react-native-paper
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