Inspiration: In this Mobile-first world, people are excessively using their smartphones to access the internet. It would be great if they could use a personalized bot to help them with their job search! So I made a universal bot which can apply for jobs, check the status, get recommendations and tell you about the recent activity on ZipRecruiter platform. It can used with Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, kik, Telegram, Groupme, Direct Line and even SMS!

What it does: It can apply for jobs, notify you about specific job requirements, check the status of your application, tell you about your competition, give you recommendations for job and lets you know about the recent activities on the ZipRecruiters Platform.

How I built it: I used Node.js and the Microsoft Bot Framework to develop the bot. Programmed various conditions and drew out the answers to some of the pressing questions that recruiters face on a daily basis. I listed the story flow of a typical job seekers journey from applying for the job till getting a call.

Challenges I ran into: I have never used the Bot Framework and relatively new to Node.js too. It took time for me to learn various entities and models used in the Bot Framework. Since the Bot Framework is relatively new, the community support on StackOverFlow and Github is not that good. Reading the documentation was the only option for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: My team didn't turn up on day 2. I had to decide and program every line of code since we didn't start much programming on day 1.

What I learned: I learnt how to make a bot! Also, that it is important to make sure your teammates will be with you till the end :P

What's next for Zip Bot: Machine Learning and more statistics depending on what information ZipRecruiter wishes to disclose to candidates. This bot can be completely customized and personalized for job-seekers as well as for companies.

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