Traditional matchmaking/socializing apps are not very inclusive and folks from the LGBTQ+ community find it hard to use these platforms as some folks on them are not very welcoming. With the pandemic people have been forced to liming their outings and this has bought about a shift to online matchmaking. Finding people online is not that hard but finding people based on your likings and dislikings is a challenge.

What it does

Want to find someone with the exact same taste for food as you? or want to find someone with the opposite taste in places and movies as you? Zingle has got all these bases covered!

Just swipe right and left on Food, Movies, Shows, places, etc. You will be matched with people based on your preferences and similarities or dissimilarities

How I built it

Zingle is built using ReactJS and NodeJs. It uses Framer motion for some awesome animations!

Challenges I ran into

Creating the swipe animation was a little bit challenging

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Building this super awesome inclusive platform in a span of a few hours feels amazing!

What I learned

How to build a full fledged ReactJs project with routing and state management.

What's next for Zingle

Mobile support by the means of a native app or PWA is the next step

Built With

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