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  • Save time in style
  • New cool Zitec product

What it does

Our smart ring simplifies the access into our office and provides an easier way to unlock your computer.

How I built it

We used a smart ring with two circuits (RFID and NFC). Our office access badge was cloned to the RFID, while we used the information stored on the NFC, along with a custom developed Credential Provider for Windows, to create an easy system to unlock the computer. The Credential Provider receives the NFC information from an Arduino controller, which passes the signal from the NFC reader to a USB port. Also, we developed a Windows client application (with Electron) that captures the unlock events and converts them in donations, towards an NGO.

Challenges I ran into

  • Programming in C++ for Windows
  • Building the VM on Zihack day
  • The feedback for the donations app made us reconsider our approach
  • Broken RFID writer (x2)
  • Broken the login process on a laptop (and then fixed it)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Our colleagues were interested about Zing and they wanted to see it in action.
  • It can easily become a useful product, with market potential

What I learned

  • Time management - how to save time from optimizing simple, everyday gestures.

What's next for Zing

  • Improving security
  • Getting production ready
  • Find early adopters (technology companies)

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