Email system is a critical communication tool for every one. Zimbra is one of the best open source email hosting solution that provides the security and privacy towards end end to end communication including group calendering, contacts, and web document management.

To build its infrastructure we use the minimal Linux Server Installation with required binaries and dependent packages. We use three servers for the installation of different Zimbra's role that is LDAP server, Mailbox server and MTA server. The LDAP role used to configure with AD Server for authentications,Mailbox role server contains the all users data and their backups while MTA server works for the transportation of emails with DSPAM filtration and antivirus installed on it.

The integration of all the roles on each server is a challenging task for which we have to focus on the roles that need to be installed on each server without any contradiction.

Still focusing and doing research on the open source zimbra collaboration: To provides a better messaging experience for the administrator and end users. To become the leader in the next generation messaging and collaboration.

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