After seeing some professionals risking it all to save lives during the pandemic. I challenged myself to find means within my profession through which I could help my country to deal with COVID-19 challenges. As a software developer I decided to develop a mobile application for my country to help deal with covid-19.

What it does

The Covid Self screen App App does the following;

  1. It allows the user who suspects that he or she might be having covid-19 symptoms to self diagnose to confirm if the symptoms are covid-19 related or not.
  2. If the user is registered he or she is able to receive his or her results for covid-19 tests done. These results are equipped with QR code for authentication.
  3. The application help users to find CoVID-19 test centers and vaccination centers.
  4. The application has important contacts for users to reach out for help. In the application there is call and message buttons for issues such as covid-19 tests, Gender based violence, child sexual abuse and child marriage. ## How we built it

The application was built as a system, there is a mobile application for general public and a web portal for Laboratories and other key stakeholders. We worked as at team of three and we would constantly consult with health professionals. The there of us collaborated remotely as we could not meet in person due to covid.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into include;

  1. Lack of funds- we had no proper funding to attract enough skill to build the solution. We ended up taking long to finish the project.
  2. Frustration by the government- when the concept was developed we engaged the government and they agreed to work with us. We developed the entire system in liaison with the ministry of health IT department. When we finished they delayed to recommend the application to google playstore and the delay was strategically meant to give someone time to copy our idea and solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After the idea was stolen we had an option to quit, but we didn't do that. We went to private laboratories and they were impressed with our idea and one the reputable laboratory agreed to work with us. The challenge was the app was not yet on play-store and we stated communicating with google play team and they gave us a green light to deploy our application, we are currently in the verification phase.

What we learned

In this project we learnt that it only takes desire to change your community and that anyone who is willing to give help will find ways to do so.

The other lesson we learnt is that at there is need to avoid solutions that entirely rely on the government buy in for them to work.

What's next for Covid-19 SelfScreen App

The application has to be a diagnostic tool for various chronic diseases. The application will give chronic diseases patience in Zimbabwe an opportunity to access quality health services.

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