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Found a great community within ThetaZillaClub and after hearing people's thoughts on what could help make a project stand out and grow I saw an opportunity to add value by learning how to implement the suggestions into a project.

What it does

ZillaPass is a way to connect MetaMask to Discord and allow the Discord Bot (Website also in development) to use the NFT information to grant a user access to exclusive content like Discord Channels, Merch Store, Auctions and Giveaways.

The Discord Bot

  • Uses the information from ZillaPass to assign Roles to users.
  • Can run Auctions and Giveaways which can be limited to NFT Holders only or open.
  • Capable of posting new Mints, Sales, Listings and Updates for any project on the Theta Network.
  • Designed with Slash Commands to provide Rarity/Ranking and ThetaZillaClub avatars.
  • Tweet posts from Discord on to Twitter

How we built it

A lot of trial and error! Built around NodeJS for the Discord bot and React, Express and MongoDB for the ZillaPass site.

Challenges we ran into

I have only been programming for 3 months, so it was hard to find the correct place to start or even know if what we wanted to achieve was possible as there are not a lot of working examples on the Theta Network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the Bot to a stage where it no longer crashes!

Being able to plug and play with new drops or existing drops quickly and efficiently with the current offerings.

The continual growth and interaction the Bot has provided our community.

Learning and developing on the blockchain from zero experience.

What we learned

The blockchain is an incredible opportunity for people to develop on and provide solutions.

What's next for ZillaPass

Full website integration with members only area. A dashboard where you can see all your NFTs, Ranking/Rarity, Avatars/Images and manage your NFT's for Staking. Having this set up as 'Plug and Play' for projects wanting to use some of or all of the ZillaPass integrations - Discord (Roles, Auctions, Giveaways, Leaderboards), Website (Members only areas, NFT portals, Staking).

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