According to the National Resources Defense Council, nearly 40% of the food produced in America is wasted. One of the most efficient ways to reduce food wastage is by educating consumers about expiry dates. Studies show that nearly 80% of Americans misinterpret the expiration dates resulting in products being thrown out prematurely. Consumers might find it difficult to interpret the differences between sell- by, best before, and other dates resulting in food wastage. Additionally, companies may intentionally present these dates in a confusing manner to increase the sales of their products. For example, Mac and Cheese can be used up to 1 year even after the expiry date on the box! Through this app, we hope that consumers will become more aware of the true expiration of their products.

What it does

Using Zilch, the user has access to the true expiration date of any product. Zilch has 3 tabs, Scan, Home, and history. In the scan tab, the user can scan their product and get more information on the expiration date. In the home tab, the user can look through the most commonly used items and learn more about their expiration dates. In the history tab, the user can look at the items they have previously scanned and keep track of their expiration dates. In this tab, the user can also delete their history and undo any changes.

How I built it

The app is built with the Flutter SDK, which simplifies the process of deploying to ios and android devices. In fact, this app can be run on near 80% of all smartphones. The barcode lookup API was used find product information.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenged I encountered include the following: structuring the app ui, using flutter packages, managing scanner, and making ui elements reactive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a reactive app that runs on both iPhones and Android phones.

What I learned

I gained a better understanding of creating flutter apps.

What's next for Zilch

Future plans include adding support for more barcode formats and storing user information in the cloud.d

Built With

  • barcode-lookup
  • barcode-scan
  • bottom-navy-bar
  • dart
  • flutter
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