Build a usefull protocol that can enable better liquidity for NFT Holders

What it does

We enable a smart contract that allows for bundle of several NFT to be requested in order to provide a pre-determined priced Loan with integration into an Investment pool that provides the liquidity

How we built it

  • We Built the solution in Vyper
  • The SC creates Pre-Approved Loan Conditions that will receive an arbitraty set of ERC721 Tokens defined in the Loan Conditions
  • The Loan is Activated with NFT(s) Deposit
  • The Investment Pool is allowed to provides liquidity
  • The Smart Contract Holds Assets until Payment or Maturity date

Accelerator: We reused a module of our "Investment Pool" and focused only in the Multi-asset NFT Logic

Challenges we ran into

  • Tokenomics Problems related with Gas Fees
  • UX barrier where user has to approve NFTs transfer one by one
  • Vyper only supports fixed sized arrays

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • Our SCs are able to hold the logic of receiving the NFTs in E2E flow and re-sent the NFTs into the Owner Wallet;

What we learned

  • Tokenomics can be Key for L2V decisions and User mass Adoption

What's next for Zharta

  • This SC is a initial mock draft for the functionality and a good exercice to demonstrate the logic, but a proper solution has to be now fully specified and designed and matured
  • Proof of Concept with this functionality built in with a hyper care QA and Gas Improvments
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