What it does

Zhak Travel is a mobile-first travel application that generates recommended places of interest/tourist attractions, integrated with a simple yet aesthetically appealing trip planner. Zhak Travel aims to craft the dream holiday for its users.

How we built it

Our team began by brainstorming the challenges consumers face when picking a destination to visit. Our research showed that many consumers had no idea where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do. This is where Zhak Travel comes in. Our mobile app, Zhak Travel, aims to solve this consumer's dilemma by diagnosing user’s' interests, preferences and budget and then recommending enjoyable destinations to users.

Our team decided to use the MEAN stack to develop this application because of its flexibility and robust in real-time applications. We used Sabre's plethora of APIs which includes the Destination Finder API, Travel Theme Lookup and Theme Airport Lookup to accurately determine the user’s preferences and suitable destinations.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our team built a mobile-first application that features a good user-experience and design flow. We chose to incorporate Google’s Material Design in our application to achieve a consistent and friendly interface. Our design allows for easy reversal of actions and offers informative feedback based on the user’s actions.

What's next for Zhak Travel

Our team hopes to connect and utilize relevant travel APIs to offer more informative feedback on places of interests in countries, such as reviews.

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