Inspiration: In 1969 the annual yearly maximum for dental insurance was $1000, today in 2019 it is $1000. Had it kept up with inflation the yearly maximum would be closes to $5000. Mind you cost for a single dental procedures can be excess of $1000 dollars.

What it does: We log users oral hygiene habits in order to quantify an individual’s risk for dental disease.

How we built it: We used IR transmitter and receiver pair to detect when the toothbrush and/or floss are removed for use from their respective holder. By logging this behavior we are able to provide valuable insights to dental insurance providers in order to increase low risk members enrollment.

Challenges we ran into; raspberry pi uses mini hdmi no cable available, 3D printing was not open, soldering iron not functional.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: in less 24 hours we made a functional MVP.

What we learned: Focus on the issue and developed a plan of action and keep your team on track.

What's next for ZeroDK: Win Baby, Win

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