ZeroDay is a care economy that responds to crisis

INSPIRATION Sustaining the sustainers in gratitude to teammate's girlfriend who is a struggling medical frontliner and all the #caremongers self-organized voluntary groups in Malaysia.

WHAT IT DOES Matching needs of frontlines, family, and community with resources.

THE BUILD Our dashboard has Time (response) in the front and center. In crisis like Covid-19 & climate change, time is non-linear/exponential. The more the community comes together (and by distancing safely and keeping physically apart at a minimum of 2 meter from each other), the faster response time will be. Otherwise, we suffer from long term exponential infections. We want to highlight this aspect in the story to depict the lived experience of time and need for us to come together. sensitivity to extinction time, social trust, and new culture is key to future crisis mitigation.

---> Training for harder crisis: climate has 10 years instead of just 2 week of delayed onset.

CHALLENGES Starting from scratch with a team member (met through the Global Hack) in different timezones. Having to rebuilt in time.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS Completing the challenge after having a late start; generating a self-sustaining currency/market, human sensitivity and culture through the use of this app.

LESSONS LEARNED How to publish website and use new tools like Mural, Invision and on.

WHAT'S NEXT Getting the app into the hands of teammate's girlfriend, the medical community she knows of in New York and globally in Malaysia and San Francisco.

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