With the ticking clock of global warming approaching the point of no return, saving the planet has become a personal duty now more than ever. We wanted to grant average citizens and businesses, who want to do their part, the tools that enable them to understand and control their carbon footprint.

What it does

The app connects to an API that connects to different online calculators and enables users to regularly calculate their carbon footprint after entering some relevant attributes. The app then displays insights to the user or business in a dashboard to help them understand, compare and control their carbon footprint.

The data from different users is also aggregated and the tool can show you an overview of the carbon footprint in a specific area or region, where you can filter by type of business like restaurants, hotels, shops, or even museums. With this application, public institutions and local governments can have a visual and measurable way to control their carbon emissions, how it is evolving, and the impact it is having on their city.

How we built it

  • We created the API to mock the carbon footprint calculations using TypeScript
  • We created a scraper that indexed the main businesses in Berlin using Python to represent them on a map
  • We created a Carto map to mock the geographic distribution of the carbon footprints in Berlin
  • We created a Superset dashboard to display the insights and the map

Challenges we ran into

  • Having a deep understanding of the carbon footprint problem
  • Finding open data sources about carbon emissions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working overnight to build the API
  • Expanding the idea. The original idea was about carbon emissions only the in transport sector.

What we learned

  • The mechanisms that drive carbon emissions on an individual and business level
  • Creating dashboards on Superset

What's next for ZeroCarbon

  • Deep research to identify how different APIs calculate the carbon footprint, and which ones are more reliable to use
  • Developing more metrics that helps users break down their usage even more
  • Working on a user interface for the app

To access the dashboard the User: TC_ZeroCarbon / Password: 12345

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