The way people will travel will be changed and heavily impacted by COVID-19. For this reason, destinations and local entities should propose, now more than ever, an appealing and seamless way to approach all the phases of the holiday journey. From the booking, maybe even earlier, to the moment the customer comes back home.

What it does

The idea, for now, is to better integrate DMO (destination management organization) and DMC (destination management company), since the former has the information and the latter manage the products and the services. We aim to create meaningful experiences, tailored to the customer desire so that the customer's risk to have a bad holiday(probably the only one he can afford), and helping DMC to face the probable reduction of visitors.

The project aims to support destinations to raise their attractiveness, being able to deliver to tourists a homogeneous experience and guaranteeing safety standards in a post-COVID scenario

Gathering all those different stakeholders allows us to collect relevant data on the purchasing behaviors, on preferences of destinations and on the most interesting attractions, Those data will help to DMO to better understand visitors and which are the most preferred activities. The information will be available as well to the DMCs that will be capable to adapt their offer to the demands, expanding their offer.

How we built it

The project consists in a two sided channel where all these characters can work together. A website where private users can surf and discover new places, activities, events and culture offered and sponsored by DMC’s. Eventually clients can pick their favourites and the system will personalize the trip. Therefore website provides updated infos’ about extraordinary measures for covid-19 adopted by hotels, restaurants and other attraction, providing official help numbers and informing the user about a safe and preventing beauvoir while travelling. On the other end, DMC’s and private companies and activities can apply to take part to the system, acquiring visibility, knowledge and important data, taking part to a much bigger network of contacts, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. IT’s is a platform where different players interact in a direct and indirect way: DMO’s whose goal is to guarantee offers to tourists, collect data on visitors’ activities and needs; DMC’S interested in providing services to clients and surviving post-covid crisis, will obtain data and spread their network; Users will get to easily plan their holidays, discovering new places, in total safety, with no worries; Health system that ensure safety by diffonding health norms; And finally the local attractions that offer safe services and collect data. Those players are meant to exchange values under different forms: money, data, services, health and safety, touristic infos.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges that we faced were understanding which types of data are relevant for us and how to make them available in a meaningful way to the stakeholder. Related to this we have to dig deeper into the GDPR policies in order to be compliant and guarantee the privacy of our users.

Another challenging aspect was to design effective governance of the platform in order to reach a reasonable amount of offer in a limited amount of time while guaranteeing an adequate level of safety standard.

Certainly a noticeable challenge has been individualizing all the actors of the system and how their needs and interests depend on each other, and finally synthesizing those in one final product that takes every side in account.

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