The assumption is that people staying home wants to make cash.

We have millions of people in quarantine. Probably, most of them have a pc with an internet connection. So how they can maximize the tools they have? What people can safely do (from home) and make some extra earnings?

The most reasonable answer I came up with is online work. The idea is quite simple: create a dollar shop marketplace for people selling skills/abilities, mostly (not only) live classes.

The business model leverage the quantity sold and the fixed price.

For example, a Japanese guy is offering live Japanese class for beginners at 0.99 cents. If 20 people join he will make $20 dollars x 45 mins class.

The main advantage users will find in Zero99 is the price, the #live aspect and the affordability. It is not a tutorial, but a live session in which users can interact and socialize with each other.

People will join because is cheap and affordable. Users can make money because of the quantity sold and with 0 investments. The unique value proposition is based on the principle of making an extra income by simply sharing your skills, knowledge, ability.

Zero99 will be an online market place for freelancers. We only need to launch the website and ask users to sign in. After the crisis, we will charge a small fee for a freelancer to subscribe, and charge on the quantity sold after a certain amount.

We need funds to build the website and run a paid online marketing campaign.

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