Inspiration: Circumventing traditional computer vulnerabilities with a radical design

We introduce to the crypto industry, a radically new paradigm in cybersecurity, convenience and value, by bringing and keeping the hardware wallet secure where it actually belongs, where it is NATIVE— the computer that handles your cryptocurrency. Yes, no risk of being stolen or lost, if your NatiVault (NV) hardware wallet permanently remains integrated into your computer.

What it does: Zero Vulnerability Computing (ZVC)

ZVC is the new breakthrough that makes it possible to permanently mount your hardware wallet on to a connected computer and still stay offline (except when processing desired) and secure from malware attacks.

How we built it: ZVC challenges the impossible with 2 radical concepts:

-Supra Operating System (SOS) software that completely obliterates the attack surface (US patent application 63/202,188, May 31, 2021), and, -In-Computer Offline Storage (ICOS) hardware that isolates data in cold storage within the connected device itself (US patent application 63/228,122, August 1, 2021). Both these design attributes together deliver double whammy to hackers, and render the NV device cyber secure with unprecedented convenience.

Challenges we ran into: Necessary Evils: Attack Surface & In-Computer Storage

Basically, two evil necessities have survived the history of computers: First is the permissions that computer mandatorily grants 3rd party applications, which bad actors often misuse to create attack surface and vulnerabilities; Second is the in-computer storage for user’s personal data. The former is exploited by remote installation of malware, and the latter by stealing data using authentication faking techniques. In legacy computers neither attack surface can be completely eliminated, nor can a connected device hold data offline, rendering fool-proof cybersecurity impossible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: A new computing paradigm with potential to signal a new epoch

As explained earlier, historically computer’s have evolved with the following mandatory design attributes without exception:

  • Permissions to 3rd parties for running their applications, and,
  • A Non Volatile Memory (NVM) to store user’s personal data. Both of these attributes are actually also the principle cause of almost all cybersecurity breaches that cause trillions in loses every year. We demonstrate that ZVC potentially neutralizes both of them with SOS and ICOS respectively without making computers dysfunctional. If this is reproduced and implemented in all the diverse computing environments, it will open up a new epoch in the history of computers. ZVC-powered NV device, therefore, isn’t just a hardware wallet, but a testament, and a potentially valuable memento that commemorates the new paradigm for future computing.

What we learned: Countless vulnerabilities & malware can be potentially neutralized with ZVC

It is possible to explore the possibility to completely obliterate the attack surface from computers and render them malware-resistant. It is also possible to redesign the computer architecture to integrate offline storage space to secure personal data.

What's next for: Zero Vulnerability Computing (ZVC) Powered Hardware Wallet:

In the immediate future we intent to go for IEO (with BitMart) and raise funding in crowdsale of the NV devices and tokens. In the long term we plan to extend the ZVC concept beyond hardware wallets to mainstream computing systems.

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