I am a law abiding citizen and never ride the metro without a ticket. But still, I am nervous when a ticket inspector comes into the U-Bahn. I start sweating, did I really buy a ticket this morning? Did I buy the correct ticket?

today i need to: *consider where to go *check the tarif system *tell the machine where I want to go *try to figure out the right rate *select the ticket that might be the right ticket *search for cash *have no cash *use the app instead *tell the app where I am and where I want to go *select one of the routes *buy the ticket *buy the ticket that might be the best price for me *spend too much time and miss my U-Bahn...

What it does

With zero I simply travel. zero finds, buys and notifies me about the ticket. No interaction with any machine or device necessary

How we built it

with Love

Challenges we ran into

broken beacons

Accomplishments that we're proud of

giving people more time to touch each other instead of machines

What we learned

people really need our app

What's next for Zero

World domination

Attached are

Google Slides presentation, Backend Docu, Source, ipa

Built With

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