I love robotics and circuitry, but I found more advanced circuitry topics difficult to learn, since they were often explained in verbose and technical descriptions, and most students won't cover circuitry beyond the very basics until they enter their second or third year of physics. This inspired me to make something accessible and easy to understand.

What it does

My website uses the analogy of electricity to water to explain the concepts of charge, current, voltage, resistance, and power. It has a main page as well as a lesson page, where users can scroll through all the topics or use links to specific sections.

How we built it

The website is built in CSS and HTML.

Challenges I ran into

It's definitely a very rushed prototype, my focus was more on trying new techniques and less on finishing everything I'd thought of doing. It currently has just a mockup of the section on Charge, but I hope to eventually add all the other sections.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really happy with how the home page turned out, I think it's sleek and looks really polished, though I'd like to make it feel more fun.

What I learned

I've done some CSS animations before, but the ones I did for this website were a lot more technical and polished, and I also designed all my assets in Illustrator and learned a lot about design through that.

What's next for Zero Resistance

I'd like to try adding in some scroll animations to add interactivity to the lesson section, and of course finish all the sections. I want to also add hands-on challenges to each section, as well as make them interactive and much more fun than it currently is.

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