The Association of Alberta Registry Agents represent the interest of 207 agents in Alberta Canada. The members provide a wide range of services to all Albertans including issue driver's licences, register your vehicles, help you apply for birth certificates, and much more. They are in need of a card present payment solution where consumers pay with a credit card, and the agent receives 100% of its billed amount. The same need is present for other merchants in Canada. The Alberta Registry Agents are small businesses that obtain from Alberta's government a fixed amount ($9) per completing a car or truck registration, and they are not allow to charge the user, not afford to absorb the credit card fees, so they typically limit to accept cash or debit as in store payment. They need a third party company to provide the service of accepting credit card payments from the customers and give the net amount to the registry. The third party company charges the customer a convenience fee for that service. Consider that there are 5 million vehicles in Alberta, and average charge is $80 per year, is a $400M Cnd total amount to be paid including debit, cash and credit. Other companies that do similar work is in USA, they provide zero cost credit card payment solutions to schools, universities, cities. In Canada and USA the regulations and rules from Visa/MC are moving toward allowing surcharge to the customer under certain scenarios.

What it does

The App is configured to add administrative fees and service charges to the amount, and then process the transaction with Square server, after the transaction is completed it connects to Payment Source server and reports the information for later reconciliation. The application can be configured to have receive the payment at the merchant 's bank account, or at Payment Source's bank account.
The APP allows to have configurable receipt text and generate reports.

How I built it

The app was built with Android Studio, and uses Square Android POS to process the transaction, and proprietary code communicate to Payment Source's Server. It supports multiple printers including bluetooth receipt printers, and Android POS terminal

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the business needs of the customer and translating it into a solution that works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Locating an Android POS that is compatible with Square.

What I learned

Square POS is a flexible suite of payment tools that allows customization of unique payment requirements.

What's next for Zero cost Square POS terminal by Payment Source Canada

Find other organizations that require zero cost terminal solutions.

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