On places such as apple's app store or amazon's market, buying and paying for content is as easy as a single click. Everywhere else on the web, you have to use a check out form.

Zero Click is a dead easy payment protocol that will allow users to pay for resources online in the simplest way using Bitcoin. We came up with the idea when we noticed that the HTTP 402 payment required status code was unimplemented. We used Bitcoin because it allows us to transfer money with no registration and no lengthy approval for the person receiving the money.

In our protocol, the server will also send a 402 payment required status code and append a destination bitcoin address and the amount in the header. Our chrome extension runs in the background, automatically pays for the page and requests for it again. Other users who do not support the protocol will still see the checkout page.

We think that the user experience will be awesome for browsers that understand our protocol as users can totally skip the checkout page. In the future, website can also choose to accept small payments as an alternative to captcha and advertisements, making way for a much cleaner web!

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