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The main inspiration for our application came from the popularity of ZEPETO, an application that creates your 3D avatar from selfies. Avatars are hugely convenient and versatile since they allow people to engage in friendly, joyful communications without revealing their personal information. Even strangers would be able to have carefree yet fun interactions with each other using their ZEPETO avatars.

Some of our teammates have previously tried searching for travel mates during their travels. Discussing their travel experiences also helped develop a collective insight on how people hope to interact with nearby strangers.

So, what is ZepZap?

A huge part of our lives is the joy of searching for and visiting new places, whether it be searching for Insta-worthy cafes or traveling. Now, the journey can be even more exciting.

Using ZepZap, users can interact with other active users in the vicinity of their current locations. ZepZappers in the same neighborhood can view each others' ZEPETO avatars once they set their status to 'active'. They can wave at each other, display their poses, or even ask if anyone is willing to meet up.

ZepZappers can also conquer landmarks while they're wandering around. When they approach designated landmarks, they can choose to 'challenge' it. Once they do, they are presented with a mini-game assigned to the landmark, such as rock-paper-scissors or even a fast-typing battle. If they win the mini-game, they can 'conquer' the landmark. Their ZEPETO profiles remain recorded on the landmark until someone else overthrows them and takes their place.

Why the name ZepZap?

One significant aspect of our application is the uniquely carefree and fun interaction that comes from using ZEPETO avatars, hence the "Zep." "Zap" symbolizes the simple yet entertaining nature of these interactions and the process of conquering landmarks. Most importantly, ZepZap is a cute, fun name.

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