We noticed that there are quite a few popular youtube channels, where the creators are not actually present on their videos. Instead, some used artificial voice or 2d/3d avatars.

What it does

Our service allows creators to add their ZEPETO avatar to their video. They can choose to use animations which they purchased from ZEPETO. Also, the avatar can speak out the uploaded text as "artificial voice"

How we built it

For our prototype, we built it on PC-web platform. For now we replaced the ZEPETO avatar with a sample animation character because of ZEPETO API limitations. We believe that after we pitch our prototype, ZEPETO will release APIs so that we can build the full service. About the "artificial voice" part, we plan to use NAVER cloud Clova Speech Synthesis.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time to build a video editing platform. We had to add a timeline, give the creator the option to choose when the avatar should do appear, disappear or do certain animations. Another challenge, we currently working on is making the avatar "speak"(move the mouth) according to the generated speech.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We just did a successful test on adding a sample animation avatar on our video!

What's next for ZEPETO STUDIO

Many other features. Such as, make the avatar "speak" according to the voice in the video(the avatar should be able to distinguish creator's voice). Move the avatar all over the video freely. Allow the avatar to render in real time in live videos.

Built With

  • naver-cloud-css
  • unity
  • zepeto-open-api
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