At the beginning of the hackathon, three of us teamed up with the explicit intention of creating a 3D game, with a desire to build on our existing skills in a novel way that neither of us had much experience in. We wanted to focus on mental health and wellness, since not only is it a large topic that affects many people, but the idea of creating a 3D atmosphere that is calm and peaceful was especially enticing. We originally wanted to create a game application that includes guided medication and breathing exercises with different environments/visual and audio experiences, but with a drive to do more we pondered on features we hadn’t seen in apps and websites we used. We ended up on the topic of affirmations, and later on the concept of cognitive reframing, a technique many councillors and therapists recommend to improve mood and ease anxiety.

What it does

  • Reframing: Users can type their problems and then have an AI reframe their stress into something positive or constructive.
  • Environment: Music, fun sounds on different clicks, skateboarding pig with arrow keys

How we built it

  • Prototyped in figma
  • Edited and maneuvered 3d models and environments using Spline. Added state and events to the models.
  • Created React-App frontend and Express backend server
  • Connected our Cohere-Api and Trilio-Api to our express backend and sent post requests using Axios from our frontend.

Challenges we ran into

  • Learned how to use Spline, which was a new program for all of us
  • Typescript was new for a few of us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning Spline
  • Learning Typescript
  • Working demo

What we learned

  • Learning Spline
  • Learning Typescript

What's next for ZenZone 3D

  • Adding more islands
  • Personalized action items based on user

Built With

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