"All prices are subjected to 7% GST and 10% Service Charge"

"35% Off Storewide"

What it does

Actually add in these surcharges into the actual price. Never under estimate your surcharges again!

How we built it

Using android-studio and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies, Zenverter converts numbers from your camera feed into more meaningful ones.

It does so by overlaying the converted numbers on top of the original camera feed.

Challenges we ran into

1) OCR technologies are based on Machine Learning, we did not have time to re-train datasets in 24hours.

2) OCR technologies are computationally intensive and imposes a significant lag time in the app's responsiveness.

3) Android Camera API recently deprecated.

4) Font sizes are non-standardised and even humans might have issues reading them.

5) Not enough good food for the night.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) We managed to scratch our own itch. We would personally use zenverter for converting menus when we eat at restaurants. time--saved++

2) Using the android-studio Camera API and offloaded the intensive OCR technology to a remote server for processing. This resulted in less lag for users as well as battery savings from less computation. #bullshit

What we learned

1) OCR (Optical Cannot Read) is not 100% reliable.

What's next for zenverter

1) Hook it up with machine learning algorithms to improve OCR technology.

2) Co-operate with shops and retail outlets during promotions. Using zenverter, shoppers can accurately know the actual paying price without the shops having to manually update price tags. This will significantly reduce the manpower required to prepare for any promotions/sale.

3) Co-operate with online retail services (Eg. Shopee, Zalora, Carousell, Amazon), online payment processing services (Eg. Stripe, Google Wallet, Paypal) and advertising platforms (Eg. Google Ads) to suggest possible alternatives when a user is viewing a specific object. We hope to do this with Google Vision API when it is officially released.

This can lead to cost savings for our users as well as increased sales revenue for our potential partners, thereby creating a mutually beneficial situation.

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