Ever since homework was a thing, students have found ways to procrastinate from doing it. No doubt you have felt the need to check snapchat but your homework was piles upon piles. Now you can get the same scratching of that social boredom itch while leaving your hands free for the more pressing tasks ahead of you. Save time by shouting senselessly at your phone at a rap like speed so you can deliver your insightful to your beloved followers instead of being limited to 140 characters or using that site that was never meant to exist!


Ever felt that Social Media was taking up too much of your time? Unable to keep up with your work and social feed at the same time? But everyone has to scratch that social itch somehow, why not an app that works in the background of your phone while you attend to pressing matters? Fully utilize your auditory senses while you leave your focus on whatever you need to do. Having an app that allows you to share your music preferences with your friends or being able to broadcast your thoughts without having to press so many buttons and worrying about a character limit would be great!


What it does

Easily record your beautiful voice and record down your intelligence and broadcast it to your followers or edit your friends' covers of songs to create the hottest mixtapes 2k17! You could even admire the beautiful UI as you direct whisper your friend for that extra persuasion in your tone to be conveyed that a text message could never! All this could be run in the background so you have even more time to stalk The Escapades of the POTUS!


Seamless native WebUI allows an easy and intuitive experience. Now you can listen to your friends' status update in the background using this app that mixes a music player with social media without a hitch. You can attend to more pressing matters like doing your work or consuming even more of you social feed. Upload your personal playlist and share it for people to enjoy or even broadcast your cover of that latest pop song and share it with all of your friends and followers to admire!


How I built it

Front end of JS and OnsenUI. Back end of php and mySQL with some node assisted sorcery to let everything run butter smooth.

Challenges I ran into

Everything was challenging. Front end Triple-nested carousell was a spiralling nightmare. Back-end mySQL and php is :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Triple nested carousel actually managed to behave expectedly. 64bit encoding of string of audio and icons :)

What I learned

Dont engage in carousel-on-carousel-on-carousel action. PPAP is life.

What's next for ZenTok

WORLD WIDE FAME Simple and intuitive controls for audio edit like overlay sound tracks over each other, crop and pitch manipulation.

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