No matter how much you make or where you live in the world, you're entitled to a safe pregnancy. But many mothers don't have access to this right. We're making pregnancy vitals tracking accessible, affordable and more human with our smartwatch sensor watch band. Zen Sync aims to provide piece of mind for expecting mothers.

What it does

Our smartwatch accessory makes your watch band smart by lining it with sensors that help expecting mothers track their stress, vitals and health in real time and affordably. Our watch band communicates to the Pebble smartwatch, streaming real time data to the device. We then transfer that data to our firebase setup and displays the information in our web app.

How I built it

We built it with the expecting mothers in mind. We used the best technology available on the market with affordable sensors. We

Challenges I ran into

We built custom hardware and sensors that took several hours to develop for. Building both hardware and software offered many challenges and slow downs individually, even before the integration in between.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a smartstrap w/ custom hardware, facebook login and firebase.

What I learned

Using technology to solve a social and health problem for expecting mothers in emerging and impoverished areas.

What's next for Zen Sync

Proposing to work with to help expecting mothers in emerging and impoverished areas with technology to track their health.

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