3 college friends who finally decided to create and launch the web app that we've been dreaming of since the summer at TreasureHacks. We drew a lot of inspiration from already existing apps like Pomofocus and

What it does

ZenStudy is a web app that will help you focus with minimal distraction. It offers a selection of handpicked music, a to-do list, and a timer.

How we built it

  • Mockups built on Figma
  • VSCode as development environment
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Live Server Extension
  • BootStrap

Challenges we ran into

We all had trouble with styling our elements on the website. We also faced challenges with merge conflicts as it was an area new to most of us. However, after going through many StackOverflow and W3School pages we were able to get answers to our questions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

"Proud that we finished it" -Amara
"I'm now more confident with JavaScript" -Ryan
"Proud to deploy and work on a project with a group of friends" -Sammi

What we learned

"I learned how to use the appendChild() function" -Ryan
"I accidentally submitted a file too big for GitHub, and there were too many commits. So to fix it I had to rebase to a prior commit with VIM" -Amara
"I learned how to make a countdown timer" -Sammi
"I learned to make friends" -Ryan q.q

What's next for ZenStudy

Amara wants to make it cat themed. Ryan is ecstatic to add affiliate links and ads to monetize it. Sammi is just existing.
A few more things:

  • Different backdrops
  • Spotify integration
  • Pomodoro Focused Timer
  • Register/Login
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