An immersive experience, that allows for more tangible learning of something far out of reach. This project replaces regular every-day items with 'beautiful' augmented scenes of Curiosity, the latest Mars rover launched in 2011, on any flat surface. A heads up display showing the rover's data like temperature and air pressure is shown to provide interesting information to the rover's observers.

How it works

We created a homemade robot that acts as one of the objects that is tracked in the virtual environment. The robot is powered by an Arduino that we programmed to allow 4-directional movement, and is controlled via communication between a bluetooth module and Android device. This robot transforms into the Mars Curiousity Rover, when viewed through the VR headset.

Using computer vision, we were able to detect and track objects that had certain, distinct, patterns. The textures covering the rover and the ground are optimized for recognition with the edge detection that occurs in the computer vision. Once the object is found, a 3-D model is generated in the physical objects space, and since the vision algorithm continuously tracks the physical object's movement, we get the accurate motion of the rover on Mars.

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