The idea was born because we’ve solved similar problems for Hospital Systems, IPAs, ACOs and HIEs over the years. We started to see a lot of commonality in what they we’re collecting. Then when we got involved in NYS DSRIP, TCPI grants, etc. and it became apparent that the number of requirements were growing and getting more complex. Most importantly, we started to see providers and organizations participating in overlapping programs that needed to collect a lot of the same things from a lot of the same people. It was clear there was an issue here, so we built ZenPRM to go after it.

What it does

ZenPRM starts with the Collaborative Profile. This represents the basic demographic information about your participants — Who are they? What do they do? Where do they do it? Who do they work with? Etc. These are facts about the resources and not competitive secrets — stuff that you’ll painstakingly curate and then put on the provider search on your web site. All of our customers and the participants themselves will work together to keep this information up-to-date. It ends up being a complete directory of the healthcare community you’re operating in and it’s not all on you to keep it updated. For the purposes of this challenge, we’re using the advanced search capabilities to find referral paths for patients at discharge. One of the top predictors for hospital readmissions is whether or not the patient had an appropriate follow-up with their physician after discharge. This makes it extremely important to get the right referral – that is one the patient has a good chance of following up with. You may need a Spanish-speaking urologist who accepts Medicaid and is located on a bus route accessible to your patient – ZenPRM will help you find that resource on the spot.

How we built it

First, we took the best ideas from each of the custom network resource management solutions we had built and layered them into a single platform. Then we added configuration options to make the system flexible across the types of healthcare programs we’re seeing today and supportive of the inevitable evolution we’ll see in Alternative Payment Models in the coming years. Finally, we conducted focus groups with industry leaders across the country to validate our ideas and assumptions. We incorporated what we learned and released version 1.

Challenges we ran into

We have 3 primary challenges to deal with on this project: 1. Inspire “Coopetition” by defining a collaborative profile that was large enough to be valuable, but didn’t infringe on our customers’ ability to compete. 2. Building an extensible platform that was simple to use, but flexible enough to handle the complex requirements of today’s healthcare program and 3. Getting organizations to deal with the problem. In many ways the inefficiency we’re attacking is already “budgeted in”. It can be difficult to help people understand how badly the current “solution” is hurting them..

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We launched our product at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas this year and we received an overwhelming positive and encouraging reception. With that success and with our history, we have been able to secure varied and influential pilot clients. Real world application means real world feedback.

What we learned

We knew our healthcare system needed help and innovation, the depth of which we are still exploring. We've learned to be savvy data collectors, innovators of simple solutions and great listeners.

What's next for ZenPRM

We’ve completed our pilot phase and are bringing on our first paying customers. Now we are focused on building our brand and filling our funnel as we bring on new customers and communities nation-wide.

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