Through the shortage of free educational programs during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were inspired to start our Zenith Outreach program as a way to give back to those who need help the most.

What it does

Zenith Outreach comprises of a tight knit group of high school students who have always wanted to have a medium to collectively utilize their talents and skills to support venerable causes much greater than themselves. Although its humble origins trace back to hosting free contest classes and fundraising, the organization now serves as a platform through which its members can creatively realize their ambitions with other equally passionate, committed peers. It is this unbridled, collective desire to simply help others in any way possible that has given Zenith Outreach the inimitable privilege of thriving as the organization it is today.

How we built it

Through social outsourcing, web design, and certification from places such as google and apple, we were able to shape Zenith Outreach into what it is today.

Challenges we ran into

Initial phases were tough given that we had very few staff to teach yet so many students. Now we have overcome this problem and have established an organized student-teacher system to ensure there is enough tutors and no student is left behind.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

On our website, we have a long list of projects and initiatives that we are proud of. See below

What we learned

We learned that in order to truly succeed, one must put other's before themselves, and through Zenith Outreach we are doing just that. Along with this, we learned about the how in uncertain times, individuals must learn to adapt to new situations. Specifically, we as an organization know that times nowadays are difficult and many students aren't able to receive the sufficient education they need to succeed. For those reasons, we have put education at the core of who we are, and strive to help those we need it most.

What's next for Zenith Outreach

We hope to expand our services to other nations, and target areas in rural communities to provide them with the resources they need to become the next leaders of the world

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