Women are equally strong and rich in abilities as men, They can show great outcomes if offered the opportunities, We see there are many learning and growing opportunities for men but there are not as many learning resources and helping materials available for women. also Women requires motivation by knowing other women are working and growing.

The App Zena Tamkin is an attempt to offer women a platform for learning in tech, connect to mentors available who have a similar set of interests and skills, and are willing to provide service on teaching or mentoring free of cost

What it does

It works as a platform where Women with Skills offer their service as mentors to teach and train other women.

other features of the app include

Learning Resources for Web Development, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Management, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress and Freelancing Useful Resources for women Organization to promote Women in technology Scholarships for women Tech Events and Programs for women Women in Technology Role models Helpful Github repositories Women in Tech Talks Videos a Fune Zone with a section showing a random food recipe, a random Quote, a Positive Affirmation, and the option to send an email to the developer of the App there is a section called Care Connection, which works and security feature for women while in travel or away from m home. It enables, the user of the app to automatically send an SMS to a saved number on shaking the phone device, in an emergency case

How we built it

The complete application has been built using Flutter and using the free API, Youtube API, quotable API, affirmations API, the Meal Db Api, and Github repository is used for storing Markdown files to serve the content I have tried to build the app with Open Source Resources and the ability to update the app content, without needing the backend technology. I have used a clean simplistic UI approach with the use of open-source illustrations available at undraw

Challenges we ran into

There was a challenge to make a dynamic app that offers updated content, Github Markdown provided that solution. it has made it really easy to integrate large text content.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am feeling proud of my attempt and contribution to the learning and advancement of Women in Pakistan. in the Form Developing this I have offered a motivation for the woman to come and learn technical skills and grow their careers and take part in the advancement and increment of the homeland Pakistan

What we learned

I have learned the use of markdown language and its use in Flutter, also learned about Clean Code Structure and used Stacked Flutter architecture.

What's next for Zena Tamkin

The next step for the Zena Tamkin app is to complete the Mentor section, by use of firebase and also the implementations of getting device locations and sending via SMS For learning Section showing the user the progress of how much it has completed from the Course for resources section adding more helpful content and resources for women. I will publish this app on android and web also, and later on iOS.

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